Panel filters

Basic information:

• class of filtration G2 (EU2) to F9 (EU9)

• norm EN 779

• material filtration - synthetic or non-woven fiberglass


Types of Panel Filters:

a) in galvanized metal frame

- frame thickness 20 mm and 25 mm (or another-on request)

b) in plastic frame

- frame thickness 20 mm, 25 mm, 48 mm, 96mm

c) in a cardboard frame

- frame thickness from 15 mm to 300 mm (or other on request)

• material filtration - non-woven laid flat, pasted a special glue, secured mesh one-or double-sided (depending on the design of the filter) and sealed polyethylene foam



Filter used to purify the air in air-conditioning, ventilation and heating. Thanks to the high performance at low differential pressure filters can be used in offices, schools, hospitals, theatres, swimming pools, shopping malls, hotels, food processing plants, pharmaceutical, machine-buildings and electronics.