Cassette filters (pleated)

Basic information:

  • Filtration class from G2 (EU2) to F9 (EU9)
  • Compliant with EN 779 for dust filters for general ventilation - Determination of filtration parameters
  • synthetic or fiberglass filter media<
  • very durable construction


Types of cassette filters:

  1. in a galvanized metal frame
  • galvanized steel frame of any thickness and any size (according to the customer's request)
  • Filter material supported by galvanized mesh and sealed with special adhesive
  • Robust, stable construction (with larger filter we use reinforcing bars)


cassette filter in a galvanized metal frame


  1. in a cardboard box
  • special, solid, very rigid carton with high moisture resistance
  • Filter material stuck with stiffening and supporting adhesive
  • Fully recyclable and fully recyclable
  • Filter construction is very rigid and durable


cassette filter in a cardboard box
cassette filter in a cardboard box


c) a pleated filter material supported by a metal mesh and glued to a holding and supporting adhesive



Filter for cleaning air in air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems. With high performance at low pressure drops, filters can be used in offices, schools, hospitals, theaters, swimming pools, shopping malls, hotels, paint shops, food processing, pharmaceutical, machine and electronic industries.