Filters with active carbon

• used in applications where air is required without fumes and odours

• activated carbon absorption through a process of "attracting" all odours and vapours and stops them on the surface of the particles of activated carbon

• due to the operation of this filter is necessary to put in front of him the final filter and mikrofiltra

• long shelf-life high-performance carbon deposits

• simple and fast replacement of cartridges


Cabin filters with active carbon

• 100% solid removes impurities (soot, dust and dirt particles, pollen and bacteria)

• additional layer containing activated carbon absorbs harmful gases (ozone), hydrocarbons and sulphur compounds and nitrogen, not allowing them into the driver's compartment

• filters have the bandwidth and absorption capacity of pollutants for trouble-free operation of air conditioning and ventilation even in such extreme conditions as the passage through the tunnel or driving in traffic