Materials of filtration

Basic information

Filter mat is the synthetic fibres (polyester or polypropylene) held together by mechanically or thermally, provides low flow resistance at high dust receptive.

All of our filter mats come from proven, European suppliers and are produced in a proven and traditional way which ensures their durability and effectiveness during filtration of air.

We are in continuous sale of nonwoven filter media in the dimensions of standard and custom, especially upon request and according to your requirements.


Material filtration -  Paint Stop

Paint Stop fiber is designed for the separation of paint mist in paint shops and equipment, for spray painting in the automotive industry, and in all types of production plants where one of the processes is painting (eg furniture, windows, machine parts, ). They are also used for dust extraction of dry dust, eg grinding dust in carpentry, and in metalworking plants.

The Paint Stop material we offer is the highest quality fiberglass that, for ease of use, has a slightly colored dust absorbing side.


Material filtration -Dust Stop

Dust Stop material is in 100% made of glass fibre, but in addition it is impregnated with sticky overruling catching fine, dry particulate matter and dust. It is used in ventilating systems, air-conditioning systems as the first step of air filtration.